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Hello I am Ryan Ancona owner of Sophonic Media Youtube channel and If you are looking for the best background music for your Youtube videos and need Youtube safe music that you can monetize your videos with please purchase and license the background music instrumentals below. As many of you are finding out todays music market is getting smarter and learning how to cut down on theft of music and illegal downloading. My music is protected and registered with Adrev, a content ID tracking service for musicians.

When purchasing the music below PLEASE select the ZIP file version so you get the written license along with your background music instrumental MP3, you will need that to clear any third party match claims you may get on videos using my music. Again my royalty free music is toally Youtube safe but you will have to clear the Adrev content match claim, which is why you get the license. 

Got a Third party content match claim?, no problem, just click the content Id claim and choose to dispute then choose the option that says you have permission and a license for use. Then copy paste license text and place of purchase. If you have any further problems please email me at and send me the url link of the video and proof of purchase like your receipt info. If you use a lot of my music in multiple videos I can also whitelist your channel as long as you are not using other artist music represented by Adrev. Or CLICK HERE to clear your own claim.

Youtube Safe Music

13 thoughts on “Youtube Safe Music

  1. Hello im using your songs for my videos and its giving me copy right, I didnt read that I need it to download the zip one so that means I have to purchase the songs again, please help me.

  2. Hi Ryan, I am having the same issue as Ana,
    bought your music and still youtube says it’s protected. Can I say I have a liscence and claim a dispute? Thanks!
    Also, great music. 🙂

    • Yes, the instructions to clear a content match are on front page. Just click the claim notice and copy past license and give the purchase site like “purchased at” and you will be all set. Thanks!

  3. ryan77 please help me i just buy one zip file of your music buy when i download it the result is ( Failed-Netowork error )

    please reply thank you…

  4. Hi. So on my YouTube I use a few of your songs and i buy the zip ones…but it says I have a copy right on 4 of my videos and it ridiculous because I used the same song in a few other videos and it didn’t copy right them and I dont know how to look at the receipts for them and I forgot my email pass ward to acsess my gmail account what should I do because I dont want to buy 3 different songs again to

    • Contact me at sophonicmedia @ and I will whitelist your channel so you won’t have to clear the content match on each video. Thanks for the purchase!

  5. I am interested in purchasing one of your songs to use in my YouTube videos. Will I need to individually clear each video before it can be posted, or is it possible to clear my channel so I won’t have to clear the music copyright each time I make a new video?

    • Hello and thanks for the interest in my channel. If needed I can whitelist your channel so you wouldn’t have to clear each video. Just email me at sophonicmedia @ yahoo with you payment receipt and I will gladly help you. Thanks!

  6. HI mate, I have a issue about copyright, is there has time limitation if I buy one? can I use it to other video website?

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