What is Royalty Free Music Used For

If you are asking yourself what is Royalty Free Music Used For, hopefully this information will help.

Music for Youtube Videos

Probably one of the biggest reasons for people needing royalty free music is YouTube. Youtube has been cracking down big time on people using music that is not copyright free. For example, a Maroon 5 song or would need special permission to be used as background music and that would mean big money to you. There are many sound alike songs that can be used which is a common on major tv commercials. Why pay the big bucks when you can have music that delivers the same feeling and mood you need for your presentations.

Youtube channel owner’s need to use royalty free music, also known as (copyright free music) if they want to monetize their videos. Click here for information on using royalty free music for YouTube video monetization. If you submit your videos for monetization or get invited you will have to tell youtube where your background music is from and if you have the proper license to use it. If they don’t like it you will not be accepted to make money with adsense for youtube and risk the possibility of having your video removed.

Music for Imovie and other video editing software

If you make home videos or movies using video editing software and plan to go public with them they will also need royalty free audio or sound effects. For some great video editing software please click here.

Music for tumblr and blogs

Blogs are very popular now and people love to put music in the background for their visitors. You need to have permision to use the music or you could get into trouble, especially if you plan on having a highly successful site that will really be on the radar.

Music For Websites

Like blogs, if you want audio for your website you better get the proper permission for that audio or risk breaking copyright laws. Also podcast use royalty free music as well.

Best reasons to use Royalty Free Music

-It is very easy to find in all styles, paid and available for free download and use.

-Very simple to use it for projects, videos and presentations. You can get the audio instantly. Sometimes people do it the hard way and have musicians score there work but with the amount of instant music out there it is easy to find a music that will fit the mood of your project.

-Licensing is very easy to understand and not much to worry about since the whole point of royalty free music is not to worry about having to pay future fee’s for the use of it.

-The music is written specially for people that need background music. Sometimes people write songs that are just to crazy and have too many changes in them and can end up distracting the viewers attention away from your presentation.



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  1. This is amazing. Thank you so much! I’ve been sretssing out trying to find a song to use in our promo video for a project we’re marketing. Just so everything is clear, do I need to credit the website link in the credits? Or is there a specific name you would like?Thanks in advance

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