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Hello and welcome to my Instrumentals Free music site. I make songs free for people to use as Background Music for YouTube videos, movies, websites, slideshows and presentations. All music offered here is Royalty Free Music.

Also I have info to help you make your presentations come to life with resources for paid and Free Royalty Free Music. It can be hard to sift through the hundreds of sites offering music but with me being in the business I am aware of the Top Sites For Royalty Free Music and hopefully it can save time for you on your search for the perfect audio for your project.

Just like my free music and other free instrumental sites all we ask for is a simple credit to us for use of the work.

For example if you are going to use the Free Background Music for youtube all you would have to do is write (Music by http://www.Instrumentalsfree.com) in the video description under video. Its that easy. If you need to show a license for the music used to let’s say youtube for monetization most of these sites offer whats called a Creative Commons License.

Please check out my blog post and reviews of free instrumentals I have found  and also my page on best royalty free music sites.

To check out some of my music click here: Free Instrumentals

Here is another example of a video I have on youtube.

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  1. Muzak filter: Ernesto Cortazar (1940–2004) was a copomser and pianist who was born in Mexico City. According to his wiki page (which reads like it was written by a friend), he composed background music for more than 500 motion pictures. His music is the type you receive in inspirational emails full of kittens & sunsets. So, it is suitable only as background wall of music for those willing to forgo their cultured sophistication. The only time he was mentioned on the blue, was on a pre-Askme Q&A from 2001 about Cool Christmas Songs’

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