Polygroup Summer Waves Pool Filter upgrade to Intex Sand Filter 2800 with custom fitting directions for skimmer Connections.

Hello, a little off topic here as I usually make background music for fellow Youtubers. I have had a tough time with an Summer Waves above ground pool and its skimmer filtering system. Basically the pump died. I wanted to upgrade to a better sand filter anyways as the paper filters that come with most of these “Walmart” pools are not that powerful. I went with a popular sand filter made by Intex model SF70110 or 28647EG. This Intex sand filter also goes by 14″ 2800 model. Holds 77 Pounds of pool filter sand. I did a bit of a unboxing and touch of an review at the same time.

Here is the parts list and links for all Items in video and custom fitting to connect Sand filter hose to original Summer Waves skimmer and inlet jet nozzle.

Intex Sand Filter for Pool (Both the 16″ and 14″ will work for the summer waves 14 X 48 pool or bigger)

Use the Amazon link above for the best price and very fast shipping, had it within a few days. Cheapest price I could find!

Parts you will need for the custom connection.

1 pair of Intex Adapter B’s

One PVC pipe 1 1/4

PVC Saw and Primer Cement combo.

You will need three Fernco PTC-150 1-1/2-Inch by 1-1/4-Inch Tubular Drain Pipe Connector

One Ball Valve

Here is an easy to read parts list without the links and images.
1 Index Sand Filter 14″ or 16″ model will do. one is 2800 GPH the other is 3000 GPH
3 Fernco PTC-150 Flexible Grey Couplings 1 1/2 to 1 1/4
1 Ball Valve 1 1/4
1 section of 1 1/4 PVC pipe
1 Combo PVC cement and Primer
1 Pair of Intex Adapter B’s

If you are using that unless vacuum that came with the Summer Waves pool do yourself a favor and trash it and get this Pole, Vacum Head, Skimmer plate and hose combo Below, its so much better for vacuuming bottom of pool.

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