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    • When you pay you get an receipt email along with a download link that is good for 7 days. If you don’t see it check your spam and if its not their just email me at and forward me receipt email and I can send you download links. Thanks!

  1. Hello, I’m the digital media creator for Title Source. We’re a title company based in downtown Detroit. I really like your music and am going to purchase a track to use for one of our internal videos. If we were to publish the video to the public down the road would we be able to do so with the original purchase of this track or will there be additional licensing we’ll need to purchase?

    • Hello, thanks for considering my music. If you release to the public you would need a license unless its one of the free songs under the paid media player store. If or when you purchase from the media player store make sure to pick the Zip file version so you get the MP3 along with the written license file. Thanks, Ryan

  2. Hi, I wish use your amazing songs, the royalty free and the ones you sell on the evanto market with the regular license, as a background music for app’s promotional free videos on youtube. The apps will be sold, but the videos will be totally free. Are the royalty free and the regular license appropriate for this uses?

    • Hello yes, the regular license will be fine up to 10,000 app downloads if you plan on selling more downloads of your app then that you may need to go up to the next tier on Envato, Audiojungle. The regular license covers regular Youtube promo videos. Thanks.

  3. Hi!
    I just purchased two songs and got them downloaded but I never got the license for my two songs…when will I get those?

  4. Hi!
    I would love to use one of your Free Royal Free music (Rock Loop 1 ) for my app game.
    This game will be released on Android and IOS as a free to download game.
    Is it OK if i just download and use it? Or is there something else i need to know?


  5. Hello there, I’d like to use music for company’s website,(embeded animation) to promote company’s image, is it okay just purchase, download and use it, or if there is anything I need to know.

    • Sorry,its paypal only, although I believe paypal can uses a couple different pay methods so please check with them. Thanks!

  6. Hi, I can’t seem to find the media player store that you mention in your responses to other people. Please help,

    • Thats weird it huge right in the top of the homepage. Has a play button, purchase buttons, song titles/previews. Maybe something is wrong with your browser.

  7. First I want to say thank you and I love your songs. A few days ago I purchased “uplifting”. I got a PayPal receipt and the email with the downloads. Do I need anything else? Thank you!

    • If you plan to use on Youtube you will need the license that came with purchase. You should have got a zip file that contains the music plus a license. Thanks for the purchase!

    • When you purchase my music you also get a license. If you get a copyright all you need to do is click the copyright notice, then hit dispute, choose option “I have license/permission….” and then copy/paste license text in explanation box and you/re good to go. Takes about 10-20 seconds. Thanks for the purchase. If you need help you can always email me.

  8. Hi nice song you have.
    i want to buy you music for my youtube videos. can i using your music on my saveral videos or the license only valid for 1 videos on youtube?


    • Hello, with purchase you can use a purchased song on multiple videos as long as its all on the same channel. Thanks!!

  9. We are asmall non-profit agency working on a marketing video to recruit foster parents – we were interested in using one of your tracks for background music on that commercial. If we purchase the track for download does that non-exclusive license give us the rights to use the song in this way?

    • Yes, that usage is fine. Almost all usage is covered by purchase and license except NationWide Major broadcast and worldwide broadcast such as TV and major Movies release.

  10. Hello, I would like to include your track on my next Real Estate video which is shown on our youtube channel. Please can you let me know how to purchase this?

    Inspirational Pop Uplifting by Sophonic Media
    Duration: 2.53

    Kind regards
    Lisa Webb

    • If its on my site store here you can purchase here, if not, my Youtube videos for each of my songs has the links to where you can get it. Thanks!

  11. Hello, I just wanted to make things clear. If I purchase one of your music.. am I able to use it in facebook advertising? I’m planning to create a video and will use your music as a background.

  12. Hi there, if I purchase one of your songs am I able to use it in a regionally televised commercial in Canada?

  13. Hello,
    How can I purchase your music if paypal does not work in my country. I was trying to buy a track but the drop down menu to select country on credit card details form does not contain my country (Pakistan) in it. I need to use it for a client and the video might get uploaded on youtube and their own website.

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