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Here is some of the best background music I Have made. It is under my Audiojungle profile. My Username is Sophonic and it is available for license to use as royalty free background music. Just click on links above videos.

Download this Happy Background Music instrumental here: Sweet Ukulele

Brand New Quirky and Fun Ukulele Track with Whistling, Get It Here

This is a very upbeat Ukulele track I made. Very simple and happy. Get this track now.

Download This Track Now.

You can get this background music download here.

License This Background Music Download For Use Here:

Get This Inspirational & Uplifting Pop Track Here:

Here is another uplifting and powerful track perfect for background music. Get it here:

Here is a nice motivational rock song with electric guitars and delay doubled with piano. Download Background Music Here.


Here is a nice and happy acoustic instrumental with bells. Download this simple track here:


Get this calm and smooth lite rock track here:


All audio on this is written and produced by me, Ryan Ancona. Please email me if you have any questions or need help with custom audio for any projects you might me working on. The songs featured on this page is my premium work and is sold on  This site is a great source for anything web design related. They sell stock audio, website themes, plugins, and stock photography & video.

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13 thoughts on “Best Background Music

  1. Hey Ryan,

    just a question: is this one (they used in that video) also your composition and if: whats the name of that track?

    Cheers, Torsten

  2. Hi, I am a singer/song writer looking for free instrumental backing tracks for a solo rock album I want to make. This would be in the style of punk rock indie alternative or blues. If you could record a few tracks for me that would be great ! Thank you.

    • Thanks for the offer but Im a little busy doing the type of music I write here and that is for background music purposes for people and companies that make presentations/videos.

  3. Hi I Recently bought the happiness loop around may from you to use as royalty free background music and I just got a copyright claim for using it. I don’t remember receiving the license so I was wondering if you could resend it to me just in case I need to verify.
    Thank You
    Kennedy Simone

  4. I really enjoy the variety of instrumental backgrounds you have created, thank you, they come in handy. Can you possibly create a country version that would go along well with Country Music? That would be great. Thanks again. Love your instrumentals!

  5. Hello,my name is Kristi L., I am a singer,songwriter and I wanted to ask you if it would be alright if I use your background music for recording some of my songs? I really like what you have created! If you could please e-mail me and let me know either way,I would appreciate it. Thank you!

    • Sorry my music is not for people to add lyrics or instruments over and then claim to be their own or sold separately. You can do it for fun though in a noncommercial application. All rights would still remain mine.

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